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Southern Ladies show off all their skills to land a job

Ordinary Girls Doing Extraordinary Things

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Found this scene a couple weeks ago stuck where it wasn’t supposed to be and honestly Id forgot all about it! What happened here is Larry saw that video I did with these girls when Sofia brought Meredith over for a “Yoga Lesson” and thought I had way too much fun and he wanted a piece of that to...

Tags: Audition, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Brunette

In working with her a couple of times it quickly because obvious that Meredith likes pussy more than I like meatloaf. And guys .. I REALLY like meatloaf! Hell I love fuckin and getting sucked by all the ladies of the world but in a way I think Meredith even likes pussy more than I do … I just never...

Tags: Audition, Blonde, Blowjobs, Brunette

Two site favorites in one video here guys! Meredith had a crush on Raquel for a while before Larry and her conspired to make this video. Its a twist on the innocent-girl knocking on the door theme where in this case Meredith attacks a more experienced model that had up until this day had only very limited...

Tags: Big Tits, Black Hair, Curvy, Girl/Girl

GOT MILK? LACTATION FANS watch closely about 70% through :) SO >>> GUYS Look in the Gallery at these BEAUTIES this video is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!! Here is another calendar audition featuring the seduction skills of our favorite alternative-hippie pussy-lovin model Meredith led by Larry. This time she...

Tags: Audition, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjobs

Full 1hour 38min film now available! (Get some popcorn and a six-pack) Wow Meredith sure pulled off a win here guys. At least for herself and our friend Alex who was in town looking for a new girl he could promote. Little Jamie answered our ads and sent in a couple pictures … several horrible ones...

Tags: Audition, Blowjobs, Brunette, Girl/Girl

Sofia had done a calendar audition with us after Halle Von met her out in a club somewhere and I guess Sofia wanted to return the favor and took a shine to Meredith. She got to talking with Meredith at a Yoga lesson and told her how we audition for various calendars sometimes and set an appointment to...

Tags: Audition, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Brunette

So these girls set an appointment with Larry. WOW did he have his hands full here. Seemed to me that they didn’t believe too much of what he was saying. Somehow though they let him talk them into a pretty sexy audition. But Larry wasn’t too Lucky this time, he had nothing to show for it except a...

Tags: Audition, Black Hair, Curvy, Girl/Girl
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