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Full 1hour 38min film now available! (Get some popcorn and a six-pack) Wow Meredith sure pulled off a win here guys. At least for herself and our friend Alex who was in town looking for a new girl he could promote. Little Jamie answered our ads and sent in a couple pictures … several horrible ones and a couple that were pretty good shots … And Meredith was over hanging out with us and saw them. She has a thing for girls that aren’t quite white and loved Jamie’s somewhat exotic look. So she asked us to help audition the poor lil thing. Well when Jamie shows up I think between me and Meredith she was feeling a bit overwhelmed but got over it soon enough and really got into the spirit of it. Took forever just to get the girls tits out. But after that things went better and better and by the end of the day Meredith and Alex each got a nut and Jamie was pretty tuckered out but smiling too. And Larry was hoping he could get a turn. And just so happens he did but thats another video ? Hope you guys enjoy this one PLEASE COMMENT OR CLICK A THUMBS UP / DOWN!

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Brand-New Never-Before seen Southern girls of all kinds 18yos to GILFs that want to just talk about Big Money Modeling but when they show up for their appointment our cameras are rolling and we see how far they will go! Some are Hot, Some are Not, YOU Be the judge!

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