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Hey guys check out the Thumbs-UP Thumbs-DOWN we added! If you are too lazy to tell us in detail what you think please at least click the Like (Thumbs Up) or Dislike (Thumbs Down) buttons!! Anyhow this is the promised full video from the partial clip I put up of Evelyn just before New Years. Its been ready for a while but we decided to put some other videos in front of it since y’all already saw the “good part” of this anyways. Now here’s her story… This petite lil chocolate cutiepie answered our ad and was interested in getting some photos taken and finding out some more about how she could become a star in the adult world. And she had a pretty good sprinklin’ of tattoos including one right above her honey dripper that said “Miss Taste”. Seems “Miss Taste” is her old dancer’s name back when she used to entertain guys on a spinnin’ pole in a strip club. Me I’ve never been a fan of them cause if my dick can’t be in their mouth then whats the point. But I digress… We got a few videos with this young lady here over a few days back in late December cause Larry really likes the darker girls and EVEN I have to admit the way she rolls her eyes back when experiencing our toys is pretty cool but go so much good stuff done its hard to figure out what the right priority is! And honestly guys you aren’t giving us much feedback to help guide what we put out so you can only blame yourselves! Or you can blame Larry too … thats ok with me. Anyway here he is giving Evelyn the what-for. Please comment below!

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Brand-New Never-Before seen Southern girls of all kinds 18yos to GILFs that want to just talk about Big Money Modeling but when they show up for their appointment our cameras are rolling and we see how far they will go! Some are Hot, Some are Not, YOU Be the judge!

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