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Ok guys let me explain this video… This is a sample we built to put out as a sort of advertising video in some places and hadn’t made the full thing yet. This is the last 15 minutes or so of an over 95 Minute video and there is a lot of work left to get the rest of it ready. We intended to have the whole thing to you by now but first we got all busy shooting with Evelyn three days in a row and then we all got the Christmas Flu-bug thats been going around and now Phil who does alot of the video publishing work is going off to visit family for a week so our best-laid plans have gone all agley on us aka we are hurtin… This is why that last Reese vid went up at first with no sound also but we got that fixed pretty quick. I’m real sorry about all this guys but we are going to double down and bring out some amazing vidz in January such as Meredith getting attacked by Sofia for her first audition ever in the calendar style and some great returns as well including Zoey, a remastered Taylor original from 2012, more Halle Von including a footjob video and some others …but its 2:30am here and I’m too sleepy to think of all the rest of them Hope you enjoy this partial-vid and I promise the full one should be up by Mid-January. To help I am adding an very sexy photoshoot Evelyn did with Larry when she did her return visit the next day … Click the button below. And fortunately we have a super hotty Maci that we will bring out to celebrate New Years Eve and its all bundled up with a bow on it ready to go out right now so no delay will happen on that one guys for sure! You can preview her galleries now if you look in the Coming Soon category. This petite lil chocolate cutey answered our ad and was interested in getting some photos taken and finding out some more about how she could become a star in the adult world. And she had a pretty good sprinklin’ of tattoos including one right above her honey dripper that said “Miss Taste”. Seems “Miss Taste” is her old dancer’s name back when she used to entertain guys on a spinnin’ pole. Well she is real enthusiastic and even though we just shot this recently she has already made two trips back and might be doing some webcam work and some other things. She’s already got some friend of hers she is talking about bringing in here. She is ready to work for real guys! Please let me know what you would like to see her do… Comment below!

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Brand-New Never-Before seen Southern girls of all kinds 18yos to GILFs that want to just talk about Big Money Modeling but when they show up for their appointment our cameras are rolling and we see how far they will go! Some are Hot, Some are Not, YOU Be the judge!

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