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Southern Ladies show off all their skills to land a job

Ordinary Girls Doing Extraordinary Things

Avg Rating: 4.0

Vital Stats:
Height:  5'7"
Age:  26
Measurements:  Slender
Fun Fact:  Loves Guys & Girls and LOVES Giving Rimjobs. Naturally Submissive!


As far as the younger hottie-type girls Ive auditioned Nica's gotta rate up there in the top 10 sexiest ones. And after this where she came back to see us again shes probably in the top 5 most willing to do whatever I tell her too girls as well. In this film Keaton and I double-team her although Keaton's...

Tags: Anal, Ass To Mouth, Audition, Blowjobs

Keyton here is just how I like em best not too young very hot and very submissive. This girl will do pretty much whatever I ask and you see that here in this one. Lets just say I wouldn't wanna be cleaning her fingernails after this video... You'll see what I mean.

Tags: Anal, Audition, Blonde, Blowjobs

For Keyton one of the most exciting things about hanging around with me was the chance she might be able to hook up with some sexy ladies. That dream came true for her when Nica here came knocking on the door! Nica was actually a friend of one of the models we had worked with back in 2015 and wanted...

Tags: Audition, Blonde, Blowjobs, Brunette

Keyton here has been pretty active with us and very excited about the work. In fact she said she's going to try and recruit some new models into the place so she can play with them too! I love motivated ladies. In this, her second video, shes back to review and pick up her pictures from her first...

Tags: Audition, Blonde, Blowjobs, Petite

This sexy mid-20s blonde was an amazing delight and turns out she has a submissive side and was willing to do pretty much all the nasty freaky kinky shit I really love when Im putting a girl through the paces. And with her these paces including some good fucking both pussy and ass and using her mouth...

Tags: Anal, Audition, Blonde, Blowjobs


I thought that this was going to be a movie. Really wish that it was the pics make it seem like it would have been great. Think you missed out by not having it that way.
keyton is the epitome of sexy, she looks to be so down to earth but has nasty slut written all over her face. I fell in love with her smirk and willingness to try it all. she is a mega star just waiting to blow (literally) . I am looking forward to more updates with her. feed her she is hungry
Please, please, please bring her back. She is the sexiest submissive slut I ever seen.
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