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Southern Ladies show off all their skills to land a job

Ordinary Girls Doing Extraordinary Things

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Sabrina was in the neighborhood so I got her to come by to help me with my clogged up pipe. She sure makes a fine plumber!!

Tags: Blowjobs, Brunette, MILF, Multiracial

Wow it had been a long time I could barely remember who she was when I saw her name pop up in my inbox saying she was back in town for a while and had a new number as well as a rugrat or two swarming around. Which I guess makes her a MILF now! Was sure glad to see her and you know I don't think she's...

Tags: Audition, Black Hair, Blowjobs, Brunette

It had been a long while since Sabrina sat on my Magic Couch of Dreams but I had a buddy Mike Nasty that saw her audition and picked her as one of my models he would like to work with. I have no idea what hes ever done with it but when he said he was interested I figured it was as good a time as any...

Tags: Audition, Black Hair, Blowjobs, Brunette

Spruced up this older video for you guys with two of our site favorites. Many of you might not have seen this one as it was buried pretty deep and if you did see it you will enjoy the much better color and clarity of this dusted off and polished up version. This is a departure from our normal auditions...

Tags: Big Tits, Black Hair, Brunette, Curvy

We have put several videos up of Sabrina over the past year including some webcam clips and some other things. This one captures the second time she ever visited our living room “Where Dreams Cum True” before she really got much involved. I had wanted to work with her again so told her she had a...

Tags: Audition, Black Hair, Blowjobs, Multiracial

Sabrina came to BNA lacking the courage to be friendly enough to get acquainted with us and our cameras. Being the gentleman that I am I decided to give the poor distraught little lass a break and turned off the camera and sent her packing But don’t give up on her too quickly and keep watching because...

Tags: Audition, Blowjobs, Multiracial, Petite
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