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Southern Ladies show off all their skills to land a job

Ordinary Girls Doing Extraordinary Things

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Sometimes once just isn't enough! This is a quick but good one here! These girls never looked finer! So Olyssia was with me when I had lovely Ryann show up for her very first time to come find out about how this whole making money in porn thing worked and as usual Olyssia did a splendid job showing...


There you are just taking a nap and Ryann decides she wants to have some fun ... So she cums in teases the hell out of you and then leaves again. Will she finish the job? Time will tell! (This is Larry recreating a video he really loved with Ryann who is right in the top of our list of the best...

Tags: Blonde, Blowjobs, Brunette, Fetish

Ryann hit me up unexpectedly cause she was in the area but I did have time to get my cameras on first for you guys to enjoy her visit too! Love the eyes on this lil girl and her mouth ain't bad either!

Tags: Blowjobs, Brunette, Petite, Rimjob

So Larry was feeling the need for something special and Raquel ( @loveraquelxo) and Ryann were both hanging out so he came up with a challenge they could do together where he would win either way it went. They would each get a pedicure AND tickets to a movie out of Larry’s pocket IF they...

Tags: Big Tits, Black Hair, Brunette, Curvy

So I had been bragging to Larry about how good Ryann was at the art of knob-gobblin’ and he said he’d sure like to test drive that particular skill of hers so we set it up and made it happen! At the end Larry agreed wholehartedly that Ryan was pretty skilled at the sport. And I think she liked him...

Tags: Blowjobs, Brunette, Handjob, Petite

Guys we are launching our new website very soon and this is likely to be the last video published here on BrandNewAmateurs of the FootJobVirgin series. Larry has been on my ass about spinning off his own site all about his foot thing for a long time now and he finally is getting his...

Tags: Blonde, Brunette, Fetish, Footjob

Ryann, our new amateur model, had told me about how good of a massager she was while we were cleaning up and taking shots. When she divulged her blowjob talents to me, I asked her to return. However we both got a little distracted when she massaged my feet and legs here and then we both kinda got hung...

Tags: Audition, Brunette, Handjob, Petite

Oops I think Olyssia did it again! Poor lil 18yo Ryann didn’t quite know what to expect when she walked through that door but Olyssia has a talent for smoothing out a young hottie’s VERY justified fears then pushing them WAY past their comfort levels and forcing things to the next level. Olyssia...

Tags: Audition, Black Hair, Blonde, Blowjobs
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